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The First and Fourteenth Court of Appeals have moved to their new location in the restored Old Harris County Civil Courthouse.
See photo of courthouse dome above (prior to restoration work).
The new address for the appeals courts is: 301 Fannin, Houston, Texas 77002


The Fourteenth Court of Appeals, like the First Court of Appeals, has nine members (one chief and eight associate
justices). Both courts sit in Houston and hear appeals from the same county and district courts. Cases are randomly
assigned. Subsequent appeals, however, are now
transferred to the court which heard the first appeal or original
mandamus petition.

FIRST AND FOURTEENTH COURT OF APPEALS COMPARED: Although the volume of opinions is comparable
between the first and fourteenth court of appeals, the 14thCoA has a higher
incidence of separate opinions
(concurrences and dissents). Currently, all members of the court are Republicans. Four of the nine justices are women,
including the chief. The First Court of Appeals was all-Republican too in 2008, but now has one Democratic member
Justice Jim Sharp) as a result of the 2008 judicial elections. As for the Houston appeals courts' composition by gender,
the Fourteenth Court of Appeals has four women jurists as members, the First Court has a female majority (5 of 9). Both
appeals courts are headed by female chiefs:
Chief Justice Sherry Radack and Chief Justice Adele Hedges.

OPINION PRODUCTION: The Fourteenth Court of Appeals issued a total of 1080 opinions in fiscal year 2008. Of
these, 470 were per curiam opinions. 527 were opinions on the merits. Individual justices delivered a total of
dissenting and 25 concurring opinions, but these were not evenly distributed. The most frequent dissenters were Richard
Edelman and Kem Thompson Frost (with 5) and Seymore (with 4). Justice Frost also wrote the most concurring opinions
(11), followed by Edelman with 4.

LINKS FOR MEMBERS OF THIS APPELLATE COURT: (click name for official biographies/profile)

Place 1: Chief Justice Adele Hedges (Republican Incumbent)
Official Bio on Court web site | Recent opinions by Hon. Hedges in civil cases | 2008 Civil appellate opinions by Chief Hedges
Chief Justice of 14th Court of Appeals - term ends 12/31/14  (reelected 2008)
2008 General Election contest:
Republican Incumbent Chief Adele O. Hedges (
campaign web site)
Democratic Challenger in 2008 Election: Attorney Joe Beverly  (campaign web site at no longer up)

Place 2: Justice Sharon McCally (elected 2010)  
6 year term ends 12/31/2016

Place 3: Justice John S. Anderson (Republican Incumbent)
Profile | Recent opinions by Justice Anderson in civil appeals | 2008 Civil appellate opinions written by Justice Anderson
6 year term ends 12/31/12

Place 4: Justice Jeff Brown (Republican Incumbent)
Profile | Opinions by Justice Brown
Appointed effective Dec 24, 2007 by Governor to succeed Hon. Harvey Hudson
Justice Jeff Brown (Place 6: unexpired term) (
Campaign Website)
Unofficial Profile and Links to Opinions by Justice Jeff Brown |
Appeals from
Hon. Jeff Brown as District Judge - 55th District Court
News Release announcing appointment
Unsuccessful Democratic opponent in 2008 election contest for this appellate bench:
Mary M. Markantonis (see

Place 5: Justice Martha Hill Jamison (elected 2010)

Place 6: Justice William Boyce (Republican Incumbent)
Profile | Opinions by Justice Boyce
Justice Boyce was appointed effective December 24, 2007 to succeed Justice Richard Edelman, who resigned  
Profile and Recent Opinions of Justice Bill Boyce | Bill Boyce campaign website  |
Announcement of
appointment by Texas Governor
Unsuccessful Democratic candidate in 2008 contested race for this appellate bench:
Bert C. Moser (see
Democratic slate in 2008 Judicial Races)

Place 7: Justice Kem Thompson Frost (Republican Incumbent)
6 year term ending 12/31/08 - Up for reelection in 2008) |
Official Bio and Photo | Profile and opinions by Justice Frost | 2008 Civil case opinions by Justice Kem Frost  
Incumbent Frost beat off challenge by Democratic opponent in 2008 general election:
Martin J. Siegel (D)(campaign website no longer operational, but see
biography on firm website)

Place 8: Justice Charles Seymore (Republican Incumbent)
Profile | Recent opinions by Justice Seymore in civil appeals | 2008 civil case opinions authored by Justice Seymore
6 year term ends 12/31/12

Place 9: Justice Tracy Christopher (elected 2010)
Christopher was appointed effective Dec. 10, 2009 to replace Justice Eva Guzman, who was
chosen by the Governor to succeed Justice Brister on the Texas Supreme Court)
appointed 2009, elected 2010;
Judge Christopher previously served as a district court judge in Harris County

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