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The court moved to its new seat at the restored Harris County Civil Courthouse in Summer 2011.
    First Court of Appeals
    301 Fannin
    Houston, Texas 77002-2066


Place 1: Chief Justice Sherry Radack (R)
Official Profile | Link to civil appeals opinions by Honorable Sherry Radack
Term ends 12/31/10 | Next election 2010 Result: Re-elected

Place 2: Justice Jane Bland (R)
Official Bio | Profile and links to opinions in civil appeals by Justice Bland
6 year term ends 12/31/12 | Next election 2012

Place 3: Jim Sharp (D) (only Democratic member of this court; elected 2008)
Elected in 2008 General Election as a Democratic candidate |  See election campaign website
No Official Bio of court website as of 7/1/09 --> All justices | Opinions by Justice Jim Sharp  
6 year term ends 12/31/2014. Justice Sharp is running for a Supreme Court seat in 2010 (Place 3, being vacated by
Justice Harriet O'Neill)
History: Justice Sam Nuchia  (R) - Nuchia was defeated in 2008 Republican Primary by Ed Hubbard
Justice Nuchia's 6 year term ended 12/31/08, but he continues to participate in hearing previously-assigned cases.
2008 General election involved open-seat contest:
Republican newcomer Attorney Ed Hubbard --> Info on Nuchia v. Hubbard Primary Contest
Democratic candidate: Jim Sharp --> Campaign web site

Place 4: Justice Evelyn Keyes (R)
Official Bio | Profile and links to opinions by Justice Keyes in civil appeals
6 year term ends 12/31/10 | Next election 2010 - Result: Re-elected

Place 5: Justice Laura Higley (R)
Official Photo and Profile | Recent opinions by Justice Higley in civil cases
6 year term ends 12/31/14
2008 General Election contest for this bench:
Republican Incumbent Laura Carter Higley  prevailed in contested race over

Place 6: Justice Harvey G. Brown (appointed November 2010)
Official Biography
[Justice George C. Hanks, Jr. (R) (resigned effective 9/14/10)]
Official Biography | Profile and Links to recent Opinions by Justice Hanks, Jr. in civil appeals | 2008 Opinions
6 year term ends 12/31/12 | Next election 2012

Place 7: Justice Terry Jennings (R)
Official Biography
Unofficial Profile and Links to appellate opinions by Justice Jennings in civil cases | 2008 Opinions in Civil Cases
6 year term ends 12/31/12 | Next election 2012

Place 8: Justice Michael C. Massengale (appointed June 2009)
Bio on court website | Unofficial profile of Justice Michael C. Massengale with background info  
Massengale's appointment is to an unexpired term. Appointee must faces the electorate at the next general elections.
Place 8: [Justice Tim Taft (R) (retired)]
Official Biography | Recent Opinions by Justice Taft in civil appeals
6 year term ends 12/31/12 | Next election 2012
Justice Taft retired May 2009. Governor named replacement June 15, 2009

Place 9: Rebecca A. Huddle (appointed July 2011)
Official Biography
Governor Perry Appoints Huddle as Justice of the 1st Court of Appeals
Friday, July 1, 2011  •  Austin, Texas  •  Appointment
Gov. Rick Perry has appointed Rebeca Huddle of Bellaire as justice of the 1st Court of Appeals for a term to expire at
the next general election.
Huddle is a partner at Baker Botts LLP, and is admitted to practice law before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth
Circuit and U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas. She is a member of the State Bar of Texas, Houston
Bar Association and Texas Bar Foundation. She is also a volunteer with the Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program.
Huddle received a bachelor's degree from Stanford University and a law degree from the University of Texas School of
Place 9: Justice Elsa Alcala (R)(promoted to Court of Criminal Appeals in 2011)
Official Profile | Links to Recent Opinions by Justice Alcala in civil cases | 2008 Civil appellate opinions
6 year term ends 12/31/12 | Next election 2012


Incumbent Justice Jim Sharp (D) was a candidate in the race for Place 3 on the Texas Supreme Court
in 2010. He faced Republican incumbent
Debra Lehrmann, who was appointed by the Governor to
Justice O'Neill, who resigned. Lehrmann won.

Place 1:
Republican Chief Justice Sherry Radack faced off against Morris Overstreet (D). Both
candidates were unopposed in their parties' respective primaries. Radack won re-election.

Place 4:
Incumbent Evelyn Keyes (R) faced Democrat Michael Gomez in the re-election contest. She
beat challenger Don Self in the Republican primary and Gomez in the general election.

Place 8:
Michael C. Massengale (R) was appointed to an unexpired term and faced Democrat Robert
Ray in the general election. Massengale prevailed against Gael Harrison in the Republican primary
contest, and received confirmation in his appointed position by a comfortable majority of voters in the
general election on November 2, 2010.


In Fiscal Year 2008, the Court issued 1117 opinions in civil and criminal appeals. Of these, 429  
were per curiam opinions and 664 were opinions on the merits. With 15 dissents and 9 concurrences,
the number of separate opinions was small. Justice Evelyn Keyes accounted for the largest number of
dissenting opinions (8), followed by Jennings (3), and Alcala (2), Hanks and Bland (1 each). Four
justices wrote no dissenting opinions. Justices Jennings and Bland wrote three concurrences each,
followed by Taft (2) and Radack with one. Seven opinions on the merits were written by visiting
Sue L. Lagarde, Bea Ann Smith, and Davie Wilson

NEWS: Gov. announces replacement for Tim Taft June 15, 2009
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